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Douglas Mccoy – The Recreation King Australia

Douglas Graeme McCoy

Douglas McCoy, dubbed ‘’ The ReCreation King’’ by many, is an outspoken, market-oriented businessman. An accomplished coach, consultant, business adviser, author, and motivational speaker. Douglas has seven wonderful children. Douglas McCoy dubbed ‘’The ideas Man’’ by many, is a brilliant person, who has a high vision to see the future in the marketplace. Douglas McCoy was born on June 6, 1909. He died in April 1983 at 73 years old.

McCoy was a multimillionaire with businesses in Australia, England, and New Zealand. Doug ‘’the real McCoy’’ has a long list of accomplishments in his trade, athletics, spirituality, family, and several businesses. A true story that outperforms all made-up thrillers.

Douglas McCoy is an example of pure Australian patriotism that comes from our forefathers. His father is an excellent sporting figure who has aided in the development of Australia into the world’s leading sporting and winning nation today.

Early life

Douglas Mccoy

Douglas dropped out of high school at the age of 16, but he was chosen above 1,000 other applicants for a job as an apprentice pattern maker at Sydney’s Garden island Dockyards, not for his academic achievements, but for his Rugby League prowess. Doug having captained both his school’s Rugby League and Rugby union teams, therefore the selection procedure was completely bypassed and McCoy was hired on the spot, despite a large number of candidates.

Doug has been a first division Rugby League player since he has 16 years old, when he was by far the youngest player in the game, competing against and alongside many of Australia’s greatest players who were playing first Grade and Australia representatives.

Life story

Douglas mccoy

Douglas McCoy is recognized as the ReCreation king or Australia’s ReCreation expert. He has been able to recreate himself in whichever sector he chooses to be from being an author, a sought-after life coach, a sportsman, to a multi-awarded entrepreneur under the tutelage of masters like Dr. William Tanner and Dr. Keith Cunningham.


  • Douglas Graeme McCoy is the author of the world’s first series of books geared toward both right and left-brain readers. Douglas despised reading as a child, so he set out to make it more engaging and enjoyable. Doug has used a variety of special learning and retention techniques to create his amazing inspirational series of books to motivate the desires for success, greatness, happiness, and more fulfilling life as he helps his readers ReCreate their lives and take them from where they are to where they want to be.
  • The rebound was introduced by him. He used the ‘’vitalizer’’ / Mini trampolines he brought in from las vegas in 1982 to exercise in people’s homes all around Australia and New Zealand.
  • Over 4000 salespeople were recruited and educated in three years to market across Australia. The mini trampoline has become a common household item.
  • Between 1984 and 1991, he founded and owned Australia’s largest number of security franchisees, which he later expanded to New Zealand and the united kingdom.

Australian Success Academy’s founder

  • Douglas McCoy, the Australasian Success Academy was founded in 1984 by Douglas McCoy. Douglas is a consultant and business advisor that specializes in sales and marketing team training and recruitment for franchises, direct sales organizations, and sales and marketing firms.
  • Douglas was nominated for ‘Australia’ young Executive of the year by ‘’The Bulletin Magazine’’ and ‘’Compac computers’’
  • Douglas was featured in the international ‘who’s who register for new york 2000 for hid demonstrations of outstanding leadership and achievement in the industry and his profession by the ‘’Metropolitan Executive and professional registry.’’

Douglas McCoy experiences

He has been really blessed in his life to face some tremendous trials that most people would consider issues. You learn and discover things in a variety of ways. You can either learn by going through all of life’s challenges yourself or you can learn from other people’s experiences and avoid all of the agony and pain. Doug has absorbed the teachings and gained knowledge from his incredible life experiences. As a result, he has made it possible for you to learn and save yourself the agony of trying to live through 30 people’s incredible experiences problems, and lessons the hard way; and to leap into the future much smarter and more informed to save yourself several lifetimes.

Douglas McCoy has created training modules and seminars with the goal of showing you how to reach your full potential. You are after all a pretty strong being even if you don’t realize it. Doug can modify his presentation to meet your needs through Australasian success Academy, thanks to his team of top instructors. Doug has decided to take a few years off work to write a series of books to help people appreciate reading more. He invented innovative strategies for putting his books together that made reading more engaging, stimulating, and enjoyable.

Degrees of Douglas McCoy

  • Melbourne and Sydney, Australia as well as Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the USA from 1982 to 1984 BYU university certified fitness instructor / vital corporation Las Vegas Nevada USA 1982.
  • Million Dollar Round table on insurance, 1982
  • T&G sales and management Institution, Warburton, Victoria 1981, Management certificate course Dale Carnegie and Associates
  • ‘’sales Talk Champion Dale Carnegie.’’
  • IEC-Figgie Sales Training Graduate, Los Angeles, and Texas, USA 1986-87
  • IEC-Figgie Management training graduate, Los Angeles, USA, 1986 and 1990
  • Patternmaking Sydney Technical College
  • MBA master of business Administration Graduated in 2000
  • Management studies
  • Mechanical Engineering Certificate Sydney Technical college and St George Tec PROGRAM INTERNATIONAL


Doug studied for his ‘’diploma in hypnotherapy’’ in the 1980s under his mentor and coach, Dr. Les Cunningham, author of ‘’Hypnosport’’ and ‘’The Greatest Hypnotherapist in Australia.’’

Dr. Cunningham was able to help his patients, students and athletes ReCreate themselves to break through mental and physical barriers to achieve astounding greatness and success, with a record of not less than: 18 went on to break world Records, 37 placed as world or Olympic champions, and well over 250 have represented Australia or their country.

Teachings of Douglas McCoy

  • Doug is a coach with a wealth of knowledge. In so many ways, McCoy has been able to Recreate himself.
  • Recreations genuine article
  • Entrepreneurship’s real deal
  • The Genuine article in the business
  • Douglas was a guest speaker at the vital world health and fitness conventions in Las Vegas in 1982 and 1983. Doug worked as a guest fitness coach, Health practitioner, fitness instructor, and coach all around Australia.


Doug became a billionaire before he was thirty. ‘’if you are going to be successful, you must be able to take handle criticism,’’ McCoy learned quickly from his excellent father. People will try to bring you down by speaking negatively about you. ‘’most of the secondhand stories about you that people wish to propagate are rarely true.’’

Awards of Douglas McCoy

Douglas Graeme McCoy awards
  • Selected from a pool of international executives to be featured in ‘’the metropolitan Executive and professional registry,’’ a New york-based international directory, 2000.
  • In New Zealand, I was given the title of ‘’Maori chief’’ for my contributions to the Maori people. Bulletin Magazines and Compaq computers named him ‘’Australia’s young Executive of the year’’ in 1995.
  • Nominated: ‘’sales Talk Champion’’ of the Dale Carnegie sales course in 1984. Many sporting awards and accomplishments include: ‘’Thomas irons Memorial Medal’’ (top student at Sydney technical college)
  • ‘’Apprentice of the year for NSW’’ by the Governor of NSW – NSW apprenticeship week.


Douglas McCoy’s business adventure in real life. How Doug spent over a decade living with the self-proclaimed head of the east end mafia in London and Australia’s most renowned standover man, and how he see and experienced the business and life experience of over 30 business people was really amazing. He has been really blessed in his life to face some tremendous trials that most people would consider issues. He achieves many awards in many fields of life. He was also awarded in the field of sport. He wrote his own book and was the founder of the Australian success academy.


what were personal sports of Douglas McCoy?

He was the player of the former 1st Grade Rugby union for St George.

And also the 1st Division Rugby League player also known as new south wales.

For St George Rugby union he holds the club record in one day for most tries usually 6 tries.

What were the qualities of Douglas McCoy?

He achieved success in trades, multiple businesses, family, and sports. He was known as the Australian recreation king and recreation expert.  He created the world’s first series of books that really inspire people.  He was also a guest speaker. He was also a fitness instructor and a coach. He was a millionaire before the age of thirty due to his struggle.

Describe some works of Douglas McCoy?

First, he was the founder of the Australian success academy. He was nominated for Bulletin magazines and Compaq computers. He was the author of many inspiring books one of his most famous books is ‘’ How cool is to recreate yourself’’. He was also a hypnotherapist. He gains many awards in many fields of life.

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